Composition METc UMCG

The Medical Ethics Review Board is comprised of experienced people who represent the legally required disciplines.

This means medical doctors, among which the required discipline paediatrician, methodologists, ethicists and people representing the patients’ perspective. When reviewing clinical research with medicinal product(s) this also includes the disciplines of clinical pharmacologists and hospital pharmacists.
Besides the legally required disciplines, the METc UMCG includes experts in their fields amongst her members, i.e. an expert on food and supplements, an expert on bionanotechnology, a registered nurse, a general practitioner and a psychologist. This broad range of expertise enables the committee to review various kinds of medical scientific research, without having to consult an external expert.

Alternating meeting composition

The committee meets in an alternating composition. This means that per meeting a limited number of members is present. The METc meets 3 times a month and every member is generally present 1 time a month. Because of this system the meeting skills are maintained while simultaneously lowering the burden per member as much as possible.
The alternating meeting composition also means that clinical research with medicinal product(s) can be reviewed only during 2 of the 3 meetings. These meetings include one of the clinical pharmacologists and hospital pharmacists. In the calendar (see the Meeting Dates page) the meeting dates are listed and which types of research can be reviewed.


Professor W.A. Kamps, MD PhD is chair of the METc. He was working as professor and paediatrician-oncologist but retired from those tasks.


The members of the committee are listed below per legal discipline:

Prof. dr. JG (Jan) Aarnoudse, gynaecoloog niet-praktiserend
Dr. TGJ (Terry) Derks, kinderarts
Mw. dr. WV (Wil) Dolsma, radiotherapeut niet-praktiserend
Mw. prof. dr. JMM (Anneke) Hooymans, oogarts niet-praktiserend
Dr. GW (Gustaff) Imhoff, internist-hematoloog
Dr. M (Mike) de Jongste, cardioloog
Dr. ZJ (Ries) de Langen, kinderchirurg niet-praktiserend
Prof. dr. K (Klaas) van der Meer, huisarts niet-praktiserend
Prof. dr. JthM (John) Plukker, chirurg
Prof. dr. PJJ (Pieter) Sauer, arts/emeritus hoogleraar kindergeneeskunde niet-praktiserend
Mw. dr. CJ (Carolien) Schröder, internist/oncoloog


Direct contact:
Telephone number secretariat:
+31 (0)50 361 4204

Medisch Ethische Toetsingscommissie UMCG
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Hanzeplein 1
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