METc UMCG meetings

The METc UMCG meets 3 times a month on Tuesday. The meetings where clinical research with medicinal product(s) can be reviewed (2 times a month) are marked by a dark colour. A clinical pharmacologist and hospital pharmacist are present during those meetings. During the meetings that have a green marking no clinical research with medicinal product(s) can be reviewed.

When will a new research proposal be tabled for a meeting?

New research proposals are tabled on the principle of ‘first come, first serve’. Whether or not the proposal involves a medicinal product is taken into consideration. We advise you to submit the application 2 weeks before the meeting date you’re aiming for.

There is a maximum of 6 new research applications per meeting.

If, during the preparation of the agenda, we conclude that the submission package is incomplete, the application is not tabled. The applicant will be notified of this as soon as possible and given opportunity to correct the omission.
Applications are processed if and when all required documentation is supplied and duly signed by all parties. All submission packages must be supplied digitally on CD-ROM or USB-drive to the METc Bureau, with a paper cover letter and a signed METc submission form (‘aanbiedingsformulier’). (The B2 local addendum).